Rockets shopping center Clint Capela to host of East teams

The Houston Rockets are actively looking to trade Clint Capela, the rockets are discussing multiple trade scenarios with a host of Eastern Conference franchises according to ESPN.

The center from Switzerland is the only player left on the Rockets roster that they have drafted.

Clint Capela on-court vs the New Orleans Pelicans / Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

It looks like Capela and The Rockets time together is coming to an end, Capela has struggled a lot recently with ongoing injuries, there’s a growing sense in the franchise that Clint could be out for a while, at least until after the All-Star break.

Clint has already missed three straight games with a heel injury and is said to be in pain daily.

Head coach Mike D’Antoni said “For what it’s worth, my two cents, I thought he shouldn’t come back until he feels pain-free, there is no use going and playing and the next day really hurting. Let’s get it really well totally. If that means the next game, great. If that means a month from now, great. Whatever it is, he’s going to get well.”

Mike D’Antoni coaching the Rockets / Associated Press

D’Antoni also said last Friday that he has not been given a time for when Clint could expect to return to 100 percent.

With the Houston Rockets main goal being an NBA championship win, the Rockets trading Clint Capela for a floor-spacing wing and another solid center doesn’t seem like such a bad idea with Capela’s health being unreliable for them.

Adrian Wojnarowski has reported that the Rockets are engaged in three-way trade possibilities that might allow them to use Capela to gather the draft assets needed to acquire and impact wing player.

Capela is the most valuable trade assets the Rockets have due to his very team-friendly contract, Capela is set to earn $14.9 million this year, $16 million dollars for the next two years and $17.1 million and $18.2 million in the last two years of his contract.

Adrian Wojnarowski also reported that Atlanta is one of the teams that has shown interest towards Capela, this deal would actually make a lot of sense as Atlanta desperately need rim protection,
Capela and Trae Young could work well together in the pick and roll.

John Collins would probably end up in a trade if Atlanta and Houston were to agree a deal, Collins is a great athlete like Capela but unlike Capela, Collins is a decent three-point shooter.

John Collins shooting from deep against the Orlando Magic / Getty Images

This season Collins is averaging 19.3 points per game and is shooting 34.1% from deep on more than four attempts per game in the 19/20 season, he has however only played 24 games.

Robert Covington is another name the Rockets have been linked to, along with Collins, Covington would not be a bad option for the Rockets with him being one of the best defenders in the league, he would offer much-needed defense to a poor defensive Rockets side.

Brace Hemmelgarn / USA TODAY Sports

Robert Covington along with John Collins is another good three-point shooter which is essential if you want to thrive in Mike D’Antoni’s Rockets System.

Covington is shooting 34.7% from the arc this year, he has played 47 games for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

He’s also a career 35.9% shooter from deep, so his stats have dropped off a bit this year but are still very respectable.



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